Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

It is essential that every business be connected to the Internet for sending and receiving emails or for simply searching the web.  Our most popular package is our Managed Internet Service, which means that you pay a monthly fee, which covers set up and installation of your chosen service. Once installation is complete our engineers will manage your system for you.

All of our Broadband connections are monitored 24hrs a day 7 days a week.   Should you experience a problem with any equipment that is part of the managed service which needs to be changed Amshire will endeavour to swap out faulty equipment on the same day, so to minimise your downtime.

A Broadband connection is the most common way for anyone to connect to the Internet and is favoured by small businesses.  There are limitations as it is a contended service, meaning that you share available bandwidth with other Businesses and Home Users, which in some instances means that your connection may slow down as demand peaks.

Even the smallest organisation can benefit from the faster speeds of Fibre Optic connections, which costs just a little more than normal Broadband.  Fibre Optic is replacing Broadband in a lot of cases, and you benefit from faster down and upload speeds, you are still using a contended service, so at times your service may still slow down.

When an organisation requires an Internet connection that is more reliable that will not slow down when lots of other Users start using the Internet, then Ethernet is the first choice.  Ethernet over copper is a very reliable and cost effective way to provide Internet connectivity to an organisation.  Ethernet can be used by any business but is more commonly used by a business with more than 25 Users that need a reliable uncontended service that will not slow down.

For some organisations their Internet connection needs to be very reliable and have a guaranteed capacity which is not possible with Broadband, Fibre Optic or Ethernet.  A Leased Line connection is a dedicated connection, usually Fibre Optic, directly from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the Customer’s premises.  This connection is guaranteed by the ISP to run at an agreed speed in both directions (download and upload).  It is also normal to have a guaranteed repair time in case of problems with the connections.  Because of the costs and long lead times for Leased Lines it is normally only the larger organisations that use this system.

In some locations it is possible to get a Wireless Leased Line Internet connection in place of a fixed copper or fibre line.  This is often chosen when the fixed line connection is too expensive to install or not possible.  Wireless Leased Lines are as good as Fibre Optic without having to pay for someone to dig up the road to install the cable.  A wireless connection can also be moved when a fixed line cannot.  If you relocate, a new connection would need to be installed.  A typical User of this type of connection would be any company that needs more reliable connections than those achievable via Broadband, Fibre Optic or Ethernet.


All of our managed Internet packages are based on a 12 month minimum term contract.   Amshire terms and conditions apply.