3rd March 2014 News

When considering whether to outsource your IT services and functions there are two sets of questions that need to be answered:

  1. Is IT a critical need of your business?  Does it provide a competitive advantage or does it put your business at risk?
  2. What is your Organisation’s competency in delivering IT services and support?  Is it a core competency or is it a drain on your resources?


Is IT critical to your business?

We live in a digital world where the speed of business and client expectations necessitate organisations to deliver information and services in real-time.  How well does your IT system help you meet the demands of your Customers?  Does it provide you with a competitive advantage?  Does it provide the ability to streamline your operations and lower your costs?

The decision to outsource your IT functions must involve a close look as to how much risk your Company is willing to bear and what opportunities are being missed to be more competitive and productive.


What is your Company’s competency in delivering an effective IT function?

The decision to outsource your IT function must also be based on whether it makes sense to provide IT capabilities from internal resources.  The key advantage to an outsourced managed solutions is the ability to focus on your core competencies and so the first question to ask is: Is IT a core competency of our Company?  Are your business ambitions restricted by your IT department’s limitations?  How good is your IT staff in keeping up with the latest trends and technologies?

Anything that takes you away from your business and Customers should be considered a “negative overhead” while IT managed services, when working as a natural extension to your business, can help you increase business revenues, enhance your performance, improve profitability and extend your competitiveness.

Speak to us about how we can work as an extension to your team and be a partner in helping to develop your business.

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