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Would you survive a Cyber Attack

27th July 2017

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Most small or medium sized firms do not consider themselves a likely target for a cyber-attack.  However, with more business being done online and an increasing amount of sensitive information being stored electronically, these businesses are indeed an attractive target.  


Cyber security breaches affect all kinds of business and the costs can be substantial.  Research has shown that 52% of breaches are caused by human error and not technology issues as many, think.  This figure is only going to increase and every business needs a Cyber Security Policy together with training to help to reduce this risk. 


There’s hardly a week that goes by when there isn’t some news headline concerning a major cyber-attack on an Organisation.


Admittedly, the Organisations that make national headlines are typically household brand names or even government departments. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg with a significant increase in security breaches experienced by smaller businesses. 


The practical ways to put in place the right levels of protection and how the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme and 10-steps to Cyber Security provides an excellent framework for achieving this. 


However, for many businesses, implementing this guidance requires in-depth technical know-how and so third party help is often needed.  Therefore, please do contact us should you think you need to review or strengthen your IT security in any way.




Ensure that your security software patches are up to date

Amshire check ALL the Servers that we have access to on behalf of all our Clients.  

You can check Windows updates are up to date on your Computer.


Ensure sure you are running anti-virus software

Amshire know that ALL of our Clients that run our Managed Anti-Virus solution provided by Webroot are protected.

Is your anti-virus fully up to date?


Backup your data to multiple locations including offline  

Amshire provide a number, of backup solutions and can store up to date off-site copies of Clients’ backup data.  If you are interested in this service or would just like to discuss your options, then please contact us.


Avoiding opening unknown email attachments or clicking on links in spam emails

Amshire can provide access to a tutorial created with end Users in mind.  The tutorial can help Users understand how best to protect themselves and their data.


We would urge you not to ignore this very real threat

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