18th August 2017 News

Beware Locky is back with new variants

Locky presumed to be dead after being one of the first major forms of ransomware to achieve global notoriety, appears to have risen from the crypt with new Lukitus and Diablo variants.

It appears that this notorious attack is back with distribution through the Necurs botnet, one of the largest botnets in use today!

Recent activity shows that it has been hitting Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines in the UK, USA, Italy, Sweden, China, Botswana, The Netherlands and Latvia.

Before any encryption takes place, don’t forget the best protection in your anti-ransomware is a STRONG SECURE BACKUP


Backup your data to multiple locations including offline

Amshire provide a number of backup solutions and can store up to date off-site copies of Customers’ backup data.  If you are interested and would like to discuss your options, then please contact us.   Avoid opening unknown email attachments or clicking on links in spam emails.

Amshire can provide access to a tutorial created with end Users in mind.  The tutorial can help Users understand how best to protect themselves and their data.

Ensure that your security software patches are up to date

Amshire check ALL the Servers that we have access to on behalf of our Customers.  You can check Windows updates are up to date on your Computer.

Ensure sure you are running anti-virus software

Is your anti-virus fully up to date, why not use our *Managed Anti-Virus Solution?

* Provided by Webroot



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