Business Support

 Business Support

We offer a range of services providing Business Support to suit any business size.  Outsourcing a few elements of your IT support, gives you the security of knowing that there’s an IT team backing you up.

If that one person who deals with your IT support isn’t there one day, you will not be stuck.  Even if they were the only ones that knew how to: –

  • to run the backup
  • when you turn on the first PC in the morning and all you see is a blue screen
  • when the latest software update installs itself and nothing works properly any longer.

If you have no IT expertise in-house, we can become your IT team.  If you do, we will work alongside them, providing complementary expertise and skills.

Through our initial meeting and subsequent review meetings we’ll ensure that we get to know your business.  We will liaise closely with you to make sure that your systems are working with you rather than against you.


For Users who only require ad-hoc support it is probably best that they use our Pay As You Use (PAYU) model.  Our basic method of support where we only work on anything when the User contacts us asking us to.  No  monitoring is carried out on business systems).


Our Fixed Monthly Cost (FMC) service is the most appropriate service for businesses who need to control their costs.  This service allows a User or business to have their support costs fixed.  Therefore, avoiding unexpected or large invoices at the end of the month.  Amshire have four levels of FMC.

Basic FMC provides an entry level to Fixed Cost Support normally used by the small business that has limited budget.

Platinum Package provides mid-level support with fixed monthly costs.  This allows an unlimited amount of Remote Support on the included equipment such as:

  • Servers
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and Smart Phones etc.

Where On-Site services are required to have an engineer attend site to look at or fix issues, this can be achieved by either using our PAYU service or adding this to the Fixed Monthly Cost.

Larger businesses often employ their own IT people, but often don’t have time to keep up with technology advances that could help a modern business run smoothly.  If your IT person is off ill or on holiday what do you do?

Using Amshire’s team of highly qualified Microsoft engineers means you get the best of the best looking after your interests, and often for less money.


For companies that has a requirement for someone to be on-site all the time, Amshire can complement this by offering a useful and comprehensive add-on service that not only assists your in-house resource, but often enhances it.  The company then has a much larger IT resource available at a fraction of the cost of a full IT department.

For companies that want a hassle-free IT Support Service we recommend our Ultimate Package.

Amshire’s Ultimate Package is an add-on to our Platinum package providing you with all the features in the Platinum package including lots of additional features.

Having peace of mind by using our Ultimate package is what most companies have been looking for, but up until now have not been able to find.  We designed this service to allow you to get on with what you know best – your business.

Ultimate Package

Our Ultimate package includes the following features at no additional cost to the monthly subscription.

  • Total Unlimited On-site Support.
  • No Setup and configuration labour charges for the installations of new or upgrades of equipment including Server, Workstations, Routers, Firewalls and Switches.
  • Amshire include all the Anti-Virus software for covered Windows machines.
  • To secure your data we include On-Line Off-Site data storage 20GB per data Server and 2GB per User for a start (extra costs will apply).
  • We included free remote support for up to 3 of the Director’s home machines.
  • Our daily, weekly and monthly reports are included meaning you can monitor and check your systems performance easily.
  • Your support costs will be fixed for 12 to 36-months so you know what your main IT costs are going to be during this period. At the end of this you get preferential renewal rates.
  • Our ULTIMATE package removes all the worry about IT support, upgrade labour costs as well as other regular expenses associated with running your IT System.

By subscribing to our FMC Service your costs are fixed allowing you to budget more efficiently.   This ensures your systems are consistently available, so you can get on with your business, without interruptions.