100 employees

IT Support for 100 employees

No job is too big for us.  We have a team of highly professional and experienced IT engineers that are able to provide IT support to large businesses across all sectors.

Whether you’re in need of reliable and efficient day-to-day IT Support across your entire operations, improved Connectivity or even Business Continuity Planning, we can help.

Amshire are a highly experienced IT Support business that works with businesses in Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire area.   We work with large national and international businesses to provide a range of outstanding IT solutions.

Our largest Customer is 400 Users which we’ve been supporting since 2006.  We provide support to the whole of the UK operations and work very closely with their head office IT team to make sure the group IT standards are followed.

The Users can log tickets with our helpdesk 24/7, 365 days a year via email, our web portal or by phone, the choice is theirs.

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