We work with a wide variety of organisational sizes and sectors, each using our services tailored to their unique business and performance objectives.  Amshire understands that every business has different needs and goals.

No matter how you utilise our Managed Services, you’ll have a choice of how we can help.  We offer a range of support packages starting with our reactive service (PAYU). Medium sized businesses (businesses with up to 100 Users), often opt for our Platinum service.   For many companies, IT is the backbone of everything they do, so peace of mind is imperative, for you, only our Ultimate ‘all-in’ service will do.

We always recommend that a thorough audit of your systems is undertaken before any Contract commences; this enables us to identify the best service plan for your business.

Whatever package you go for, you will receive a detailed breakdown of exactly what’s been agreed.  In our experience, many Support Contracts go wrong because there is no clear understanding of what’s included.

With Amshire, you’ll know what to expect, and can plan accordingly.