Data Backup Solutions

 Data Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solutions are necessary in every business.  No one likes to think a disaster is going to happen to them.  However, having in place plans for recovery can make all the difference between businesses that are able to successfully manage a crisis and carry on trading.

For the most part, today’s office technology is very reliable and major system failures are few and far between.  However, occasionally systems such as hard drives and system software on Servers or PCs can, without notice, stop working.  When that happens, a business can also stop working.

Having a disaster recovery solution in place before this type of event happens will enable your business to continue to function with minimal disruption.  We offer a range of services from monitoring your daily backups to full Server imaging services to protect your business.  What’s right for you will depend on your budget and on how business critical it is for you to have on-going access to your data and IT systems. We offer a full range of backup services.


For secure data storage Amshire have just the solution with our On-line Off-site secure data storage.  Using the latest technology to copy your files, photos etc., from your machines to secure data storage in the Cloud, and encrypted prior to leaving your machine.  However, in the unlikely event that files should find their way into the wrong hands it will be unreadable.

  • Secure storage
  • Unlimited capacity from 5GB to Terabytes of data.
  • Fully automated (not forgetting to backup important files)
  • Fully encrypted for total security

We have packages for all sizes of organisations from as little as one laptop through to multi-Server systems with full system recovery.  As this service is so adaptable and cost-effective all sizes of businesses can use this service.

Backups are checked each working day for those on our Platinum or Ultimate packages.  Should a problem be found our engineers will investigate and rectify.  Those on Ultimate we include some On-line Backup capacity as part of the package.


For those who prefer to keep their backup in-house we can organise, configure and implement this for you.  There are several ways, either using tapes, but more recently using USB portable drives.  We also have options for Server to Server or PC backups.

We find that medium to larger businesses use some form of on-site backup often because the volume of the data changing daily.

During working days, local backups are checked to ensure they have completed successfully, with any failures being investigated and rectified.


The loss of business data, in some instances may well cost thousands of pounds in productivity and cause massive disruption to you and your clients.  If your business cannot function without constant access to all its data and systems, we recommend ‘StorageCraft’ to image your Server.

You can choose to create an exact replica of your Server(s) on your own premises, and/or on one of our remote Servers.  In the event of a Server failure, you can be up and running again within minutes.

The software works by capturing full, differential and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire infrastructure.  This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings and data. The management of multiple Servers can be done centrally.

Disaster Recovery software is just part of the support we offer to help with your Business Continuity.