1st August 2013 Amshire

Microsoft Apprenticeship – Jake Heap

Jake Heap has completed his Microsoft Apprenticeship.  In recognition of all the hard work that Jake has given to the Apprenticeship program, Amshire and our Customers, we are pleased to announce that Jake became a paid member of the Amshire TEAM.

Apprentices have become a highly valued part of our Company due to their eagerness, enabling us to show them how we like things done at Amshire. Their motivation, flexibility and loyalty allows us to nurture their young talent through the Apprenticeship program.

Successful business is reliant on having the best employees and we have found that Apprenticeships are the most successful way to achieve this.  However, a common misconception is many people feel an Apprenticeship is only for those that are not academically minded.

Learning is carried out in the workplace.  This ensures minimal disruption with maximum impact, and a great way of attracting people with fresh new ideas.  Apprentices are tailored to specific job roles, therefore, making them flexible to the needs of the business.  Apprenticeships provide you with the skilled workers you need for the FUTURE.

Jake enjoyed the responsibility of tasks assigned to him as well as problem solving too.  Also, interacting with our Customers on a daily basis.

Jake is our second apprentice from the Microsoft Apprenticeship program from QA and we are now looking for our third.

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