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Exactly what benefits can you gain from outsourcing your IT Support?

5th July 2017

Most businesses are interested in saving money wherever possible and often this includes the annual IT expenditure. If you could for instance save anywhere between 25% - 50% by outsourcing your IT requirements most business Managers and Owners would be interested.

Not long ago most small firms may have had a dedicated IT person or someone who did IT along with their main job, connecting up printers, installing new PCs and other equipment and at the same time they would try to fix computers that had failed. Perhaps you do too. Whilst an in-house IT person can bring benefits because they are close to your business recommending IT equipment, setting up networks and handling security, it does have its downside too.

Because of the extraordinary speed at which technology develops today, this means that the dedicated IT person may not have enough expertise in all the aspects of technology which your business is using. There is of course also the practical consideration of what happens when the IT person is on holiday or off sick? If they are off sunning themselves when a problem arises it could hit your business operations and effectiveness, something that businesses can ill afford these days.



  1. Professional IT services as you need them
  2. Ensure that you are kept up to date with IT Developments
  3. Opportunity to centralize and consolidate your Company’s main functions, thus increasing your Company’s efficiency and productivity.
  4. Reduce the need to hire an internal IT Specialist
  5. Increase your revenues and reduce your expenses



As you can see outsourced services can cost less than having an in-house IT staff member along with the technical expertise and availability.  Information Technology is not something the lay person can master without formal education and training. 

Even if you have in-house IT staff, you could benefit by adding outsourced solutions to supplement your existing support.  The advantages include: -


·        Additional level of expertise and experience

·        Extending service hours economically

·        Ensure that Staff sickness and / or holidays are covered



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