26th November 2016 News

10 Cyber Security Tips for you

It only takes one significant cyber-attack to potentially cripple a business or at least wipe a large proportion of their profit away.   Below are 10 Cyber Security tips for you and your business to help you remain #cyberaware.


1.    Train your employees

Establish up to date security practices and policies for all employees.


2    Protect your systems

Be sure to install the latest software updates to protect against online threats.  Carry out inside-out and outside-in penetration testing.


3.    Provide firewall security 

Correctly configure Firewalls for security purposes.


4.    Don’t forget mobile devices

Provide adequate safeguards and reporting procedures for laptops, tablets and smartphones if lost or stolen.


5.    Backup 

Backup critical data regularly to a secure off-site location.


6.    Control physical access

Secure building entry points, consider CCTV installation.


7.    Secure your Wi-Fi

Make sure Wi-Fi connections are secure and encrypted.  Always provide a secure, separate guest network for all visitors


8.    Payment cards

Validation and anti-fraud systems must be in place and your are fully PCI compliant.


9.   Restrict employee rights

Only give staff access according to the need for their job role.


10.  Password policy

Set up a policy to use unique passwords which are changed at pre-set times.   Consider implementing multi-level access authentication to highly sensitive systems.


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