2nd February 2015 Amshire, News

Apple Certified Associate

We are pleased to announce that Paul Pugh is now an Apple Certified Associate, having passed the Apple Mac Integration Basics exam.

Completing the Mac Integration Basics exam further expands our technical knowledge for Customers who bring a Mac into a small business environment that is predominantly Windows based.

Users are now replacing their day to day Windows computer with a Mac.  We can now assist those Users in getting the most out of their Mac in a business environment.

Paul has proven knowledge of how to integrate a Mac into Customers’ existing organisation’s network environment.  This includes how to configure Mac’s to work with: –

  • Active Directory and how to take advantage of network services
  • File sharing
  • Printing
  • Instant messaging
  • Emailing
  • Calendars and Contacts together with security for Users
  • Local network, and remote networking levels.
  • How to manage data, both migrating data from a Windows computer as well as backing up your important data.

The most important element for existing Windows environment is how to run Windows programs directly on your Mac.  This gives you total compatibility and inter-operability with your colleagues who use Windows.

If you want to discuss how to harness the power of your Mac, or if you are thinking getting one please contact us today.

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