15th October 2015 News

Company bank accounts are being targeted by Cyber thieves

Did you know that Gameover Zeus has now evolved into something far worse when it comes to checking your bank accounts?  Cyber thieves are targeting bank accounts.

The new variant malware / Trojan infects computers, and then lies in wait until one of the targeted websites is accessed.  It intercepts online banking transactions, defrauding people and Companies alike of many thousands of pounds.

All Users should be warned to take extra care when on the internet and opening emails.

Amshire’s advice

  1. Check the senders email address.  (Typical spam emails claim to be an invoice, or an order confirmation)
  2. Check all emails before opening them
  3. Do not open email attachments that you are not expecting.  Typical attachments used to spread infections are ZIP files
  4. Do not click on the link within the emails.  The link in the email could take you to a
    booby-trapped website which could silently exploit your computer
  5. Once infected it lies in wait until you inadvertently trigger it.  This could be going to your Online banking website
  6. When you then try to login to your Online Banking website a pop-up window may appear asking for more information than normal, or asks you to use your card reader – DO NOT FILL ANYTHING IN.
  7. Contact Amshire’s Help Desk and we will check your system.
  8. Failure to heed this advice could give the fraudsters access to your bank account and make payments from it.

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