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14th October 2019 News

Email attacks

A report by Mimecast, who assess the efficiency of popular email security systems, claims that the number of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have risen by 269% compared to the previous three months, showing a huge spike in such assaults.

BEC attacks are emails carrying viruses or other forms of malware, and/or malicious workloads. These attacks are impersonating management within the Company such as Directors, CEO or similar.  Because of the very nature of these attacks Mimecast argues that they can evade traditional security systems.

For attacks to be successful

It’s not always necessary to impersonate high-ranking members of a Company. A simple spam email, or regular email carrying malware would be enough.

Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to bypass defenses often fooling Users. Businesses must focus their efforts in driving resilience against evolving attacks.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive or complicated. Amshire can help you understand the risks relating to your business. We recommend you enhance your Cyber Security for emails with a multi-layered approach.

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