IT Support

Professional IT Support

Our managed services provide you with an exceptional IT support service.  Whether you are a small business operating 5 computers or a team of 200, we can service all of your requirements.

We have 4 packages of support each providing a tailor made solution to your needs and budget.

Ultimately, we know that you need your workflow to be disruption free, with zero down time.  We believe in proactively resolving issues before you are aware of them, however should something unexpected crop up, you can still call our support team to get help, advice and a solution to your problem.

Ultimate Support

Ultimate Support package is an add-on to our Platinum package providing you with all of the features in the Platinum package plus a whole host of additional benefits.  Our Ultimate package is just that, a package that will give you the peace of mind you require, to get on with running your business.  With our Ultimate package the following features are included at no additional cost.

  • Unlimited On-site Support for all included equipment.
  • Setup and configuration labour charges for the installations of new and upgrades of equipment including Server, Workstations, Routers, Firewalls and Switches.
  • No setup installation or migration charges when you change your Server(s).
  • Anti-Virus software is included for all Windows machines covered, no more annual anti-virus renewals.
  • On-Line Off-Site data storage is included 20GB per data Server and 2GB per User.
  • We included free remote support for up to 3 of the Director’s home machines.
  • Our daily, weekly and monthly reports are included so you can monitor and check on your systems performance easily.
  • Your costs are fixed for 12 to 36 months so you know what your main IT costs are going to be during this period and you get preferential renewal rates at the end of the current agreement.

Your costs are fixed.

Amshire Terms and conditions apply to all packages.

Platinum Package

You pay a fixed monthly fee for Unlimited Remote Support.  With the Platinum package you can also add Unlimited On-Site Support for a fixed monthly cost.  Included is our Level Two Monitoring Service where we monitor at least 60 possible events that may cause issues on your Server as well as checking your daily backup and responding to failures with the backup.  We respond to all monitoring alerts and your service requests in-line with our agreed service levels.  Information Exchange Meeting (IEM) are part of the Platinum package.  IEM’s are where we have regular on-site meetings to discuss your IT system and any requirements or issues you may have. It is usual to take advantage of these meetings to discuss future options to enhance your business from an IT perspective.

Your costs are fixed.

Fixed Monthly Cost

You pay a fixed monthly fee, which includes up to 3 hours of remote support per month.  Any on-site support is chargeable using our PAYU method.  Included in this package is our basic Level One Monitoring Service where we monitor up to 10 potentially possible critical events including your daily backup process on your Server.  Backup failures are reported to you via email, Enabling you to decide if you want Amshire engineers to look at the failure.  We respond to monitoring alerts and to your service requests in-line with our agreed service levels.  You will receive up to 3 hours of IT support for all Servers, User/machines for the month for one flat fee, time in excess of this monthly 3 hours will be charged using our standard PAYU rates and invoiced at the end of the month. No unused time can be carried forward at month end.

Your costs are fixed.

Pay As You Use

Amshire’s PAYU package is a reactive service, there are no monthly fees.  You call us when you have a problem.  We deal with your request as soon as resources are available and charge you by the hour.  You take the risk of variable costs and your jobs have a lower priority compared to our Contract Customers.  Fixed cost Support, Pro-active monitoring and out of hours support is not available with this package.

At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for any work we have done.