29th June 2016 News

The key advantages of Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery

No more tapes or drives to manually change every night and store offsite.  Automated backups and should the worst occur, you can continue to have access to your documents.

Document storage

Virtual file servers in the cloud enable your team to store and retrieve files safely.  Using any internet connected device whilst also knowing that everything saved in the Cloud is secure.


Moving from an email application that runs on a Server in your office to one that is hosted remotely gives easy mobile access.

Productivity software

For applications such as Microsoft Office 365, you can rent the software.  So, whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get the latest version enabling you to create, edit, and share from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Specialist software

From a Cloud hosted environment, whether it’s accounting software, CRM applications or marketing tools, virtually everything is now available to rent.


Speak to us about how the Cloud can deliver key competitive advantages for your business.

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