30th September 2019 News

Should I move all my IT services to the Cloud?

It’s tempting for SMB’s and Enterprises to transfer all of their IT services to the cloud. But before you head totally to the cloud consider these compelling reasons to stick with a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

So What Is a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms. In plain speak that means mixing on premise hardware with cloud services that can communicate between one another.

Reasons to Stick with a Hybrid Cloud.

1 – Adaptability and Control

Businesses must be able to capitalize new opportunities and changing markets. A hybrid cloud model allows for scalability and allows businesses to maintain full control of their networks, and full flexibility in terms the hardware and software that powers the business. Maintaining control of  data security, firewall, DNS filtering, web filtering, and anti-virus should be of importance to all well run businesses.

2 – Business Continuity

We all know the importance of backup and disaster recovery, but what if you are trusting your services to the cloud? Cloud providers can suffer downtime, which will cost your business. You should never have your data all in one place, to ensure redundancy, a hybrid cloud model can be used to backup cloud data locally, cloud data to a second cloud location or backup local data to the cloud. Flexibility should be a cornerstone of your business continuity strategy.

3 – Security

Cloud providers, even the largest ones, could suffer a data breach, ask yourself if your most important or sensitive data is safe with a cloud provider. Should you protect your data behind your firewalls, protocols and people?

4 – Simple Management

Ensuring all your systems work together can be tough. Are different cloud providers able to work together seamlessly? Using a hybrid cloud model lets you decide which services to run on premise and which can be passed to the cloud. Smart businesses will always keeps their options open, a hybrid cloud keeps your options open.

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