16th February 2015 News

Do you have a slow network?  Why not contact us for a FREE System check

When did your IT System last have a Check Up?  

We will look at your System checking to see if: –

  • you have any security problems
  • there are changes that could make your System more efficient
  • that you have good backups of your data

Ask yourself these three questions, do you: –

  1. know if your System is working efficiently?
  2. have times when it takes an age to access information?
  3. experience unexplained blue-screens?

All these symptoms are possible on Systems that are over-loaded or have partial faults.

You may not be aware of the fault because it comes and goes, or it may not be a big enough fault to show up in normal use.

By having our engineers looking over your System we should be able to see these problems and more importantly fix them.

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