8th July 2015 News

Time to upgrade

Here are some indications as to when it may be time to upgrade your business IT system.  Look at doing a more wholesale upgrade.

Your business is growing – time to upgrade

It may be that you’re employing more people, developing new products and services, or expanding into new premises.

You’re having constant problems – time to upgrade

For instance your system crashes regularly or your computers can’t manage basic software upgrades which impact on productivity.

You’re re-organising – time to upgrade

If you’re re-organising the structure of your Company then it could well be an ideal time to also look at how the latest technology could support your new organisation.

Your system has evolved – time to upgrade

Understandably, if your business has grown and your IT has developed piecemeal then it’s likely you will get to a stage where the overall system no longer works as efficiently as it should.


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