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21st January 2018 News


Used strategically, twitter hashtags provide many benefits, and can be used to ensure your content is shown to a larger audience.  This helps to raise awareness about your brand.   It can also target a specific group of people too.  Using hot trends and topics will also boost your SEO.

Hashtags are important because they help to increase social media engagement with new Users.  Businesses use hashtags to grow their online presence attracting new Customers too.

Amshire’s winning streak

By joining in many hashtag hours and with lots of hard work and determination Amshire have been fortunate to win the following badges via Twitter whilst connecting with many great businesses and making new friends along the way.

Chrissie is now responsible for #twittersisters every Thursday at 8:30pm.

Wall of Fame twitter badges

Winning Dates

16th March 2014              –           #SBS (Small Business Sunday) @TheoPaphitis

31st July 2014                  –           #JPOTD (Julie’s Pick of the Day) @Julies Picks

31st July 2014                   –           #QueenOf #OrderOfFabulous @ADG_IQ

7th August 2014               –           #QueenOf Marketing @ADG_IQ

29th August 2014             –           #JPOTW (Julie’s Pick of the Week) @Julies Picks

1st October 2014              –           #JPOTM (Julie’s Pick of the Month) @Julies Picks

6th November 2014         –           #Purplebiz UK Business of the Day @Purpledog

9th December 2014         –           #KingOf IT Support @ADG_IQ

6th January 2015              –           #JPOTY (Julie’s Pick of the Year) @Julies Picks

2nd February 2015           –           #BrightPig Business of the Week @BrightPigSEO

24th March 2015              –           #RedBizUK winner @RedBizUK

26th April 2015                 –           #SmartSocial winner @SmartSocialUK

31st July 2015                   –           #PWBMW winner @PiggyMarketNo1 and @Promoting_Women

27th August 2015             –           #Twittersisters winner @Nicola Heales and @Snuggles2UK

28th August 2015             –           #RHBLegend @PiggyMarketNo1 and @250thouin365

19th February 2017        –           #LadiesCoffeeHour @PiggyMarketNo1 and @Lookwhatmummade

14th July 2017                   –           #FunPMLunch @PiggyMarketNo1 and @LetsGoLancs

24th July 2017                   –           #Twitterbrothers – joined Hall of Fame @TweeturbizUK

21st January 2018            –           #PromoteStockport @AquaDesignGroup

26th April 2018                 –           #Twittersisters now run by Amshire and TEAM of 7 ladies

6th March 2019                –           #Elevenseshour @elevenseshour_

21st March 2019              –           #Elevenseshour @elevenseshour_

27th March 2019              –           #PromoteStockport @AquaDesignGroup

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