17th June 2015 News

WARNING: email with Word doc or Excel XLS spreadsheet malware

The email message comes in with a completely empty body and just the subject line of “Message from KMBT_C280”, but contains an attachment.

This is simply another email attachment which tries to download various Trojans, password stealers and especially banking credential stealers.

This email has what appears to be a genuine Word doc or Excel XLS spreadsheet attached which is malformed and contains a macro script virus.

If you are seeing multiple emails please contact Support so that we can investigate further.

The basic rule is NEVER open any attachment to an email unless you are expecting it and never blindly click on the attachment without thinking first.

If you see .EXE or .COM or .PIF or .SCR at the end of the file name DO NOTclick on it or try to open it, it will infect you!

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