We offer a FREE mini Audit which is a summary of our full blown audit.  This will highlight security issues along with a summary of items found on the network at the time the audit takes place.  The report is approximately 8 pages in length and easy for the end User to read and understand.

Should a more detailed breakdown of this information be required with our recommendations this is available for a fee.


Before we commence working with a company we usually recommend that we carry out an audit of your computer systems.  This audit will be carried out by one of our engineers and should cause you little or no disruption.

Once the audit has been completed, we will provide you with a report together with a report together with findings.  We will also detail to you the implications of our findings and our suggested fixes.

Here are just a few of the items covered by the audit:

  • User Analysis
  • Detect Local Mail Servers
  • Discover Network Shares
  • Detect Major Applications
  • Detailed Domain Controller Event Log Analysis
  • Network Discovery for Non A/D Devices
  • SQL Server Analysis
  • Password Strength Analysis
  • Missing Security Updates
  • Internet Access and Speed Test
  • External Security Vulnerabilities
  • Provides a comprehensive report of findings
  • Audit will vary dependent upon your IT systems
  • Provides a view of recommended actions
  • System by System Event Log Analysis