6th July 2017 News

Are your employees cyber aware?  Would you like help to educate your employees to strengthen their skills when working with your IT systems both inside and outside of the Office?

Did you know in 2016 the average cost of a Cyber breach was £3 million!

This figure is only going to increase hence the reason every business needs a Cyber Security Policy together with training for their staff to help reduce this risk.  Following recent Research, human error and not technology issues as many think, caused 52% of  data breaches.

Top 5 reasons human error leads to security incidents 


  1. Increased use of social media by staff
  2. Failure of staff to understand new threats
  3. General negligence and/or carelessness towards security
  4. Lack of security expertise with websites and applications
  5. Failure of IT staff to follow security procedures


As technology changes i.e. Cloud and mobility, Company practices, workflows and policies will need to be updated.    Are you sure your Users aware of these new risks?

Here at Amshire we can help provide educational training on Cyber Security for everyone in the Company, from the Cleaner to a Manager and even the Business Owner!

With the use of video, animation and interactive situations it helps your employees review their own behaviours.   Everyone can find a suitable time to learn how to protect themselves and the business, as the training is divided into small modules

Everyone that passes receives a Certificate so you know that it has been completed

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