1st July 2014 News

Top 10 tips for a Greener Business

Global warming resulting from carbon emissions is increasingly being recognised as an issue that everyone needs to help address.  By doing so, reap bottom line benefits.  Businesses both large and small that utilise IT systems need to play a major role to tackle this growing threat to the future of our planet.

Below we list 10 top tips for a greener business: –


  1. Server Virtualisation – latest technology reduces the number of physical Servers therefore reducing power costs
  2. Remote Working – enables employees to work remotely, reducing travel and cutting down on desk space with associated energy costs.
  3. Outsourcing – can apply to a number of functions, e.g. remote backups which saves on equipment and power use.
  4. Work faster, work better – document management systems for process management and document sharing reducing paper use
  5. The Cloud – less onsite equipment means less power and physical space required.  No hardware to upgrade and dispose of.
  6. Cut the travel – tools for effective virtual meetings and collaborative working.
  7. Zero downtime – when systems go down you are creating CO2 without being productive.  Aim for zero downtime.
  8. Power down – don’t leave monitors, printers, etc., on overnight; make sure you have power saving modes on PCs.
  9. Retire and recycle – get a retirement plan to replace your old systems with new energy efficient equipment.  Your IT provider will help you to recycle in the most beneficial way.
  10. Audit – have an assessment done of your carbon use and see where you can improve.  Enhance your green credentials and save money.

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